Three Percent Claim Untrue


Three Percent Claim Untrue

Bradley Mattes   |   September 08, 2022

Planned Parenthood has long claimed abortion represents just three percent of the services they provide.  This manipulated falsehood has been obediently repeated by the biased media.  If the three percent number were true, no Planned Parenthood center would’ve closed due to the demise of Roe v Wade.  Let’s take a snapshot picture of closings this year by the abortion industry giant.  In anticipation of Roe being reversed, in May Planned Parenthood closed five abortion centers in Alaska, Idaho, and Indiana.  Earlier this year they closed a Vermont center.  Just prior to the Court’s ruling they shuttered centers in four additional Vermont locations and one in New Hampshire.  Time will give us a better picture, but I doubt we’d see these closings if the three percent claim were true.

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