One Hundred One Great Grandchildren

Peggy Koller was an only child and often felt lonely, so it was her dream to have a big family.  When Peggy married her high school sweetheart, she and William had eleven children.  This was followed by 56 grandchildren, and the great-grandchildren keep coming and coming.  Peggy’s now 99 and lives in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.  Recently, she welcomed her 101st great-grandchild!  Isn’t it amazing that as a result of the love shared between Peggy and William, God blessed them with a living legacy.  Peggy’s family says the secret to her long life is her faith and family, plus she works out twice a day.  Together, they provide a constant measure of strength and joy.  In my book, Peggy is richer than all the billionaires in America put together!

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