Google Censors Own Words


Google Censors Own Words

Bradley Mattes   |   September 01, 2022

We know in the abortion debate, carefully chosen words can be powerfully persuasive.  Google knows that too and has carefully edited its definition of the word “fetus” by quietly dropping the word “baby.”  Google claims their definitions come from a third-party source, however, the website Lexico uses the same source, and the word baby continues to be in its definition of fetus.  Life Issues Institute encourages pro-lifers to be careful with the words they use.  For example, use the word abortionist to describe someone who kills unborn babies, not a positive title like doctor.  We’ve come up with a list of words we use that help us more effectively advocate for the babies.  Visit today’s broadcast link at and click on the microphone icon to access the list.

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