Political Impact of Reversing Roe


Political Impact of Reversing Roe

Bradley Mattes   |   August 04, 2022

The abortion industry and their political supporters claim elected officials who support the demise of Roe v Wade will suffer great losses at the ballot box this November.  Not so fast.  Another poll shows the opposite to be the case.  Marquette University Law School commissioned a poll conducted in both May and July, before and after the Court’s ruling.  It shows voter enthusiasm in the midterm election favors pro-life candidates.  The poll reveals an enthusiasm gap advantage of eighteen percentage-points for pro-life candidates.  Further, there’s a five-point advantage for pro-life candidates when it comes to those who are certain to vote.  The key of course is making sure every pro-life voter gets to the poll and only votes for pro-life candidates.  Vote pro-life.  Life depends upon it.

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