Writing on the Wall


Writing on the Wall

Bradley Mattes   |   June 22, 2022

The writing is on the wall and Planned Parenthood’s responding accordingly.  With the Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe, this abortion industry giant is closing more centers.  First it closed five killing centers in Vermont and New Hampshire.  Now it’s closing five more in Indiana, Idaho, and Alaska.  The Boise, Idaho closing is particularly encouraging because it was the flagship center in the state.  Planned Parenthood’s the largest chain of abortion centers in the nation, accounting for 40% of all abortions done.  These continued closings bode well for America’s unborn babies and their parents.  May God bless the ongoing efforts of pro-life sidewalk counselors and pregnancy help centers as they equip parents to make life-affirming choices.

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One thought on “Writing on the Wall

  1. You have missed something. PP is distributing the abortion pill! They are down the street from the Pregnancy Care Center where I volunteer.
    Your website is very well done. I hear your audio clips over WAGP FM Beaufort, SC. Thank you!!!

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