Youngest Malta MP

Eve Borg Bonello made history as Malta’s youngest serving Member of Parliament.  She is only eighteen years old and recently graduated from high school.  Further, she’s pledged to vote against any pro-abortion legislation.  In a statement Eve said, “Life begins at conception” and expressed concern that “we’d end up using abortion as a contraceptive.”  The pro-abortion group Doctors for Choice were quick to respond.  Addressing the new MP, it said, “No woman in her right mind would use abortion as contraception.”  That’s patently wrong.  Evidence abounds that where abortion is legalized, many women have depended upon it as a form of birth control.  Tragically, it’s not unusual that women have multiple abortions.  Eve needs our prayers of wisdom and protection as she serves her country.

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One thought on “Youngest Malta MP

  1. When talking about a woman’s ‘right’ to her body and ‘choice’ for her autonomy, her right was/is to create life. She is granted that ‘reproductive right’ without frustration. What a woman is saying with her ‘rights’ argument is that she has used her God-given right thru her own free will to create life but now does not want the outcome and wishes to kill the child. No one talks about what right she chose before claiming a right she has no right to. That little body in her is not her, that is a separate person.

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