Worse is Likely Coming

ve8QAd   |   May 12, 2022

The honeymoon is over. The extreme Left’s romance with the courts has come to an end with the likely demise of Roe v Wade. And it’s proving to be an ugly divorce.

Madison, WI pro-life organization firebombed

We’ve all been dismayed by the violence, intimidation, vandalism, and terrorism on the part of radical pro-abortion activists. Last weekend the offices of two pro-life organizations, Oregon Right to Life in Salem and Wisconsin Family Action in Madison were firebombed.

Anything or anyone identified as pro-life is in their crosshairs. Southeast Portland Pregnancy Resource Center in Oregon and CareNet of Frederick in Maryland were recently vandalized. Pro-abortion activists on Twitter put out a hit on pregnancy resource centers in Portland, Oregon. We are sure to witness more.

Protests and vandalism have occurred at churches and Supreme Court Justice Alito along with his family were moved to an undisclosed location for their protection.

In all of this there is a slight glimmer of hope. In the wake of the leak heard around the world the extreme Left is now finally able to define what a woman is.

In a realm where words have meaning and truths are not subject to twisted evolution, some of the most respected liberal minds are outspoken critics of Roe v Wade. You might find these informative and a bit entertaining.

Kermit Roosevelt, professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, “[I]t is time to admit in public that, as an example of the practice of constitutional opinion writing, Roe is a serious disappointment.…As a constitutional argument, Roe is barely coherent.”

Michael Kinsley, attorney and political journalist, “Although I am pro-choice, I was taught in law school, and still believe, that Roe v. Wade is a muddle of bad reasoning and an authentic example of judicial overreaching. I also believe it was a political disaster for liberals.”

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Former US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called Roe a “heavy-handed judicial intervention [that] was difficult to justify and appears to have provoked, not resolved, conflict.” Ginsburg also said, “Roe isn’t really about the woman’s choice, is it?” It’s about the doctor’s freedom to practice…it wasn’t woman-centered, it was physician-centered.”

Alan Dershowitz, a Constitutional lawyer and Harvard Professor, “I strongly support a woman’s right to choose but Roe vs. Wade was a disaster.”

Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School professor, “One of the most curious things about Roe is that, behind its own verbal smokescreen, the substantive judgment on which it rests is nowhere to be found.”

Edward Lazarus, former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, “As a matter of constitutional interpretation and judicial method, Roe borders on the indefensible. I say this as someone utterly committed to the right to choose…A constitutional right to privacy broad enough to include abortion has no meaningful foundation in constitutional text, history, or precedent…”

William Saletan, Slate Magazine, “Blackmun’s papers vindicate every indictment of Roe: invention, overreach, arbitrariness, textual indifference.”

John Hart Ely, clerk for Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, Roe “is not constitutional law and gives almost no sense of an obligation to try to be.”

Benjamin Wittes, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution, Roe “is a lousy opinion that disenfranchised millions of conservatives on an issue about which they care deeply.”

Richard Cohen, Washington Post columnist, “If a Supreme Court ruling is going to affect so many people then it ought to rest on perfectly clear logic and up-to-date science. Roe, with its reliance on trimesters and viability, has a musty feel to it, and its argument about privacy raises more questions than it answers…. It seems more fiat than argument…. If the best we can say for it is that the end justifies the means, then we have not only lost the argument—but a bit of our soul as well.”

Jeffrey Rosen, George Washington University Law School professor, “Its overturning would be the best thing that could happen to the federal judiciary, the pro-choice movement, and the moderate majority of the American people…. the pro-choice majority asks nominees to swear allegiance to the decision without being able to identify an intelligible principle to support it.”

Regardless of sound judicial reasoning, common sense, medical evidence, and pleas for humanity, abortion is one of Satan’s most effective tools and he’s not going down without a fight. He is fueling the turmoil we are witnessing. This past week reminds me of that famous line uttered by Bette Davis, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

We’re going to have many bumpy nights ahead, but we cannot, we will not, give up defending the most defenseless among us. We’d appreciate your prayers and support.

For innocent human life,

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