Killing in the Name of Religion


Killing in the Name of Religion

Bradley Mattes   |   May 31, 2022

A “crossing over ceremony” was held at a church in Winnipeg, Canada.  One of their members, Betty Sanguin, suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease and wanted to end her life at the church.  They placed her in a recliner in the sanctuary and friends came and went as they said goodbye.  At one point they gave her the lethal injection and an hour later Betty was dead.  The pastor said facilitating her death was “perfectly natural.”  I disagree.  God’s the only one who has authority over life.  I can understand Betty’s desire to leave her diseased body, but the Lord has a purpose for everything in our lives, including illness.  They can’t justify killing another person, it’s a violation of God’s commandment.  It’s even more tragic they did it in the name of religion.

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