Curtis Bay Energy


Curtis Bay Energy

Bradley Mattes   |   April 18, 2022

The recent revelation of late-term babies aborted at a Washington, DC abortion center exposed the likelihood that federal laws were broken in the process of killing the children.  It also revealed another barbaric reality.  Curtis Bay Energy is the company that picks up the remains of aborted babies and incinerates them.  A closer look revealed they burn this so-called “medical waste” to generate electricity for the community.  Curtis Bay’s website advertises their “Waste-to-Energy” program, which means if you live in the Baltimore, Maryland area, aborted babies have been burned to keep your lights on and your house warm.  The words “Curtis Bay Energy” were printed on the box that contained one-hundred-fifteen aborted babies – five of them very late-term abortions at the DC abortion mill.

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2 thoughts on “Curtis Bay Energy

  1. These are the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance!

    This is why our country is going downhill fast. No respect for human life.

    Meanwhile, activists strive to save our planet. What good does that do if the inhabitants of the planet are being murdered?

    May the Lord have mercy on us all!

  2. I am a mother. Simply put…a gift I have been given to carry that title. My soul is deeply sorrowful, regarding murdering and burning innocent lives. Get Rid of Curtis Bay Energy!!! Do What is Right. there are adoptions long lines waiting to adopt. Do What Is Right !!! God cries and morns over each life. God’s wrath is soon to come.

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