Ugly as Abortion

There’s a saying no good deed goes unpunished.  That’s certainly the case with Nebraska State Senator Julie Slama.  On the first day of the legislative session, she introduced the compassionate Heartbeat Act to protect unborn babies once their heartbeat can be detected in a doctor’s office.  Reactions from the extreme Left were swift and utterly disgusting.  Senator Slama received at least nine death threats.  There were also threats of rape and explicit comments not able to be shared here.  But Senator Slama and her pro-life colleagues aren’t wilting under pressure.  As our nation moves closer to the possibility Roe v Wade will be reversed or seriously impacted by the Supreme Court’s ruling, pro-abortion activists are becoming more desperate.  And that desperation is nearly as ugly as abortion.

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2 thoughts on “Ugly as Abortion

  1. Thank you for the update on the Nebraska Senator and the aftermath of putting forward this Heartbeat Bill. Do you know where it is in committee or has it passed?

    Thank you
    Rivers Teske
    Founder & President
    Hidden Choices

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