Momentous Births


Momentous Births

Bradley Mattes   |   February 25, 2022

Babies are born at the most inconvenient times.  One couple was on their way to the hospital when it became obvious the birth was imminent.  With their son in the backseat, dad put the Tesla on auto drive and assisted his wife through delivery.  Another couple in the DC area couldn’t get to the hospital because the snowstorm brought down power lines and trees.  Since there was no power or running water at home, EMTs had to trudge a quarter mile from the back of the house through a foot of snow and over a creek with mom in tow.  Where an ambulance was waiting.  It gives that childhood song of Over the River and Through the Woods a whole new meaning doesn’t it.  They all came through it with flying colors and had a good story for the grandkids to come.

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