Why the Violence is Increasing

ve8QAd   |   October 15, 2021

As the potential for reversing Roe v Wade gets enticingly closer, frustration on the part of pro-abortion activists is more evident. Each passing day adds to a dramatic increase in the incidents of unhinged violence or threats of violence toward pro-lifers.

These events have taken a serious uptick since the US Supreme Court allowed the Texas Heartbeat Act to take effect.

That and the Mississippi Dobbs late-term abortion case are bringing more people to the reality that Roe is living on borrowed time.

And the evidence shows that pro-life leaders and grassroots advocates are increasingly caught in the crossfire.

These days Texas appears to be ground zero for disturbing behavior from abortion proponents who realize the pro-life movement is at the threshold of a major breakthrough.

Police have arrested 20-year-old Austin Wendell Lund. He is charged with making threats on members of the Texas State Legislature who voted for the Heartbeat Act.  Lund posted a disconcerting threat on Reddit that threatened to “end each one of you.” The FBI had previously alerted pro-life legislators of a credible danger to their safety.

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Texas Right to Life has been overwhelmed with vicious hate mail including threats of death and gang rape, profanities, nude photos, and a variety of other unsettling provocation. A bomb threat required the evacuation of their office.

The situation worsened when Planned Parenthood doxed a staff member, making personal information, including a private address, public online.

Violence against opponents of abortion is not new and reaches across the nation. Antagonists have been arrested for terrorizing pro-lifers with guns in Dover, Delaware; Detroit; Phoenix; Aurora, Illinois; Bristol, Tennessee; and Charleston, South Carolina. In two of these instances the aggressors were practicing abortionists.

A recent Women’s March in Denver exuded a palpable tone of anger and aggression. Pro-lifer Brei Brooke, eight months pregnant, was kicked, spit upon and had her sign stolen. One protestor told Brooke that they hoped her baby would die. Another held a sign that read, “I eat kids for breakfast.”

Although the lists of documented attacks against people in the pro-life movement are long and many, those supporting abortion deny their existence and the media is all but ignoring the worsening situation.

I believe there is another reason for the increased violence.

Aggression on the part of pro-abortion activists is understandable. Their grip on the status quo of unrestricted abortion until birth is slipping and it’s justifiably unnerving them. God willing, there is now a real possibility that Roe v Wade will be reversed when the Supreme Court rules on these two cases.

But for countless other Americans it may be that the increased attention on the abortion issue reminds them of a past experience they want desperately to forget. They have compartmentalized their abortion(s) and shoved it down deep into their subconscious minds, intended never to be heard from again. Yet the national debate continues to prick their consciences.

A video compiled by Created Equal demonstrates intense anger from those who support abortion. I want to caution you that the aggressors use strong, profane language.

After watching it, I wondered how many of these individuals have abortion in their past and are lashing out against those who remind them of what they know in their heart of hearts was wrong. Millions of these people just want the abortion issue to go away, yet it increasingly invades their psyches as the national debate shows no sign of abating. That’s why our efforts to reach out to hurting mothers and fathers is so important.

In spite of personal risk, America’s pro-lifers are boldly working to end this modern-day holocaust of abortion. When you send your financial contribution, consider including a brief note of encouragement. It would mean more than words can say.

Protecting life. Offering hope and healing,

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