Killing Infants with Euthanasia


Killing Infants with Euthanasia

Bradley Mattes   |   October 15, 2021

You’ve heard me say assisted suicide is the start of a slippery slope to outright killing through euthanasia.  Here’s a case in point.  Euthanasia is legal in Belgium but they’re going beyond the legal limits with impunity.  They’ve extended euthanasia to newborns and infants.  It is so rampant that ten percent of all deaths of babies are actually euthanasia.  A recent study looked at the issues driving this, but in a published article, the term euthanasia wasn’t even used.  What it boils down to, if physicians, and I use that term loosely, feel there is “no hope of a bearable future” euthanasia is a good choice.  This means these babies are likely to survive but the doctors and their parents believe their lives aren’t worth living.  This kind of dangerous thinking is seeping into America.

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