Forces of Evil Stirred Up


Forces of Evil Stirred Up

Bradley Mattes   |   September 14, 2021

The Texas Heartbeat Act is unique.  It prohibits abortions done after a heartbeat can be detected, but it’s the penalty aspect that makes it unusual.  Last year Texas legislators saw pro-abortion district attorneys around the country publicly saying they wouldn’t enforce heartbeat bills or other pro-life legislation if passed.  So, the Texas bill has no criminal penalties.  Instead, it empowers citizens to file a claim against an abortionist, abortion staff worker, family member, or friend who coerced her into the abortion.  There must be evidence to base the lawsuit on.  The intent requirement is very specific so it wouldn’t result in a lawsuit free-for-all.  Mothers of the aborted baby would not face a claim.  Please keep everyone involved in your prayers because the forces of evil are stirred up.

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