Bubble Wrap to the Rescue

Come on, admit it.  You love bubble wrap and the simple pleasure of popping all those bubbles.  I enjoy this pastime with my granddaughters.  Now bubble wrap has a medical application that’ll surprise you.  Larenz Carr was born at 25 weeks and weighed only thirteen ounces.  His placenta was beginning to fail which required his very premature birth.  Larenz’s skin was so delicate they first placed him in a sandwich bag, but then later covered him in bubble wrap to protect it and keep him warm.  This low-tech hospital outfit worked.  Larenz is now a healthy one-year-old who appears to have suffered no ill side effects from the ordeal of being born so early.  Medical advancements have enabled doctors to fairly routinely save babies as early as 22 weeks.  Praise God.

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