Blackmailing Supreme Court Justices


Blackmailing Supreme Court Justices

Bradley Mattes   |   June 08, 2021

Extreme pro-abortion politicians in the US Senate are being accused of trying to “blackmail” Supreme Court justices.  At issue is an upcoming major Court decision on abortion.  Pro-life Senator Tom Cotton made that accusation after the publication of an article where four US Senators vowed to expand the Supreme Court – in other words pack it with pro-abortion justices – should the Court rule in favor of the state of Mississippi.  The law would end abortion after the baby turns 15 weeks old in the womb.  It has the potential of severely impacting Roe v Wade and the pro-abortion senators are playing hardball to protect abortion on demand throughout pregnancy.  Please keep the Supreme Court justices in your prayers, asking the Lord to give them Godly wisdom.

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