Abortion Mills Unsafe


Abortion Mills Unsafe

Bradley Mattes   |   April 07, 2021

In well over a hundred abortion mills, they’re employing unlicensed, unqualified, or untrained staff.  This according to a detailed report by our friends at Americans United for Life.  In Florida there wasn’t a licensed abortionist or nurse.  In a Virginia mill, a staffer was training employees while falsely claiming to be a doctor, and participated in abortion procedures.  In Kentucky there was no training for infection control, hygiene, and sterilization.  The criminal disregard seems to be rampant in the abortion industry.  Should we be surprised that those who kill innocent babies have no regard for the wellbeing of women too?  Americans United for Life’s report is free, and you can find it by going to lifeissues.org, then click on the microphone icon.

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