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ve8QAd   |   March 19, 2021

Early pioneers of politics will recall the failed effort to pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Once it became known that the ERA would enshrine abortion on demand into the Constitution, a groundswell of opposition emerged across the nation.

Ratification failed over four decades ago, but that hasn’t stopped pro-abortion Democrat leadership in the House from trying to resurrect the long-dead corpse of ERA.

The effort began in 1972 when Congress passed the ERA with two-thirds support in both the House and Senate. They had seven years to get three-quarters of the states to ratify the proposed constitutional amendment. If successful, the ERA and abortion on demand would have been etched in stone.

Phyllis Schlafly, led an effective campaign against ERA.

But things didn’t go as ERA proponents expected. The abortion connection made it toxic to a majority of Americans who opposed the unrestricted killing of unborn babies. Five states actually rescinded their ratifications before the seven-year deadline. Three states “ratified” after the 1979 deadline had expired.

ERA was dead in the water.

In 2019, US supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an American icon of extreme feminism, disagreed with efforts to pick up where the ERA left off 42 years ago. “I was a proponent of the equal rights amendment. I hope someday it will be put back in the political hopper and we’ll be starting over again collecting the necessary states to ratify it.” (emphasis added)

And recently, the Justice Department and an Obama-appointed judge declared the original ERA a defeated endeavor.

Even so, these inconvenient legalities haven’t hindered the extreme Democrat House leadership. This week they voted to retroactively remove the 1979 deadline for the ratification of the ERA.

Why is the ERA such a threat to innocent human life? If enacted, it would likely:

  • Mandate taxpayer funding of abortion and eviscerate the Hyde Amendment that would prevent you and I from funding the killing of the innocents.
  • Invalidate every state law protecting unborn babies and their mothers from abortion.
  • Strip conscience protections for health care workers who don’t want to participate in abortion.

Let your voice be heard. Contact your senators and ask them to oppose legislation that attempts to resurrect the deadly corpse of the ERA.

For the babies and their mothers,

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