Milestone Sorrow


Milestone Sorrow

Bradley Mattes   |   February 25, 2021

Last October Chrissy Teigen, a model, and her husband, John Legend, a singer, lost their baby late in pregnancy.  It was devastating.  Now she writes of added sadness and kicks in her belly around the date their baby, Jack, would’ve been born.  Milestone symptoms aren’t unusual.  That is, emotional or physical symptoms on the anniversary of a baby’s death, or the original due date.  I admire Chrissy and John’s transparency regarding Jack’s death.  It’s therapeutic for them and it validates the feelings of other women and men who’ve experienced a similar tragedy.  Parents of aborted babies also experience milestone symptoms.  At times like this, small acts of kindness mean so much to those in pain.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re given the opportunity.

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