Texas Teens Do Better Without Planned Parenthood


Texas Teens Do Better Without Planned Parenthood

Bradley Mattes   |   January 12, 2021

Planned Parenthood considers itself to be the gatekeeper to curtailing teenage pregnancy.  Should a state legislator mention the idea of ending their tax funding, the abortion giant channels Chicken Little and claims the sky would fall and teenage pregnancy rates would skyrocket if elected officials cut off their state tax dollars.  In 2010, Texas excluded Planned Parenthood from the state family planning program.  Since then, the abortion rate for minors has fallen by a whopping 64%, and the birth rate for minors has also fallen by the same margin.  Planned Parenthood is using boatloads of your tax dollars to encourage premarital sex among your children, and Texas has proven when they’re taken out of the equation, children are protected.

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