The Cry of a Baby


The Cry of a Baby

Bradley Mattes   |   December 04, 2020

During the two-day process of a late-term abortion procedure, a young mother experienced early labor and went to a hospital that doesn’t do abortions.  She told the medical staff, “I want an abortion.  Kill my baby!”  The staff said no and told the young woman they’d resuscitate the baby if born alive.  The child was born alive and began to cry.  When the mom heard the cry of her baby, she screamed, “Save my baby!” but sadly, attempts to keep the baby alive failed and the child died.  Feeling her baby kick inside the womb didn’t move this mother’s heart.  Neither did listening to the baby’s heartbeat.  But hearing her baby’s cry did.  Tragically, that’s the sound she may hear as she replays that moment over and over again in her mind.

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