Global Lockdown Increases Stillbirth


Global Lockdown Increases Stillbirth

Bradley Mattes   |   October 08, 2020

Doctors at St. George’s University of London published disturbing findings in the journal Nature.  Another study was reported in The Lancet medical journal.  There has been a nearly fourfold global increase in stillbirths during the pandemic lockdown.  Researchers believe a lack of in-person doctor visits during pregnancy may be the reason.  Many pregnant women hesitated to visit a hospital or doctor’s office for fear of contracting COVID.  Medical experts say the last trimester of pregnancy is an important time to be monitored.  Online consultations can’t check for blood pressure, listen to the baby’s heart, or conduct an ultrasound.  Researchers believe these findings warrant further examination, but the evidence shows the global lockdown has serious, negative side effects.

Click here for the article in the journal Nature 

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