Beware of Fact Checkers


Beware of Fact Checkers

Bradley Mattes   |   September 08, 2020

Many Americans understand social media giants like Twitter and Facebook heavily censer our pro-life message.  But are you aware many of the so-called fact checkers are extremely biased and share false information on the abortion issue?  For example, the Washington Post claimed one of the presidential candidates actually opposes abortion after twenty weeks, when he’s on record saying he supports it “under any circumstances.”  Even so, Snopes, one of the more popular fact checkers, came to the candidate’s defense by regurgitating his party’s talking points on late-term abortion, not the facts.  These days most of us get our information online, so please be aware the sources you may depend upon for truth may be in reality campaigning for the other side.  Pray for wisdom.

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