Pandas and Humans Universally Celebrated


Pandas and Humans Universally Celebrated

Bradley Mattes   |   August 31, 2020

A baby panda has Washington, DC’s National Zoo and others around the world excited.  Zookeepers posted an ultrasound clip of the unborn panda and wrote, “Her fetus was kicking and swimming in the amniotic fluid, and its spine and blood flow were visible.”  In the midst of this pandemic we need something to perk up morale and this helps.  But I’ve got ultrasound footage that’ll knock your socks off.  We have 4-D ultrasound videos, some so refined you could identify family resemblances.  And you can listen to an unborn baby’s heartbeat at just six weeks.  See both the panda and human babies.  Visit and click on the microphone icon.  We’re working for the day when both animal and human babies are universally celebrated.

Click here for baby giant panda ultrasound

Click here for the 4D ultrasound of a human baby

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