Patient-Centered Tissue Viewing


Patient-Centered Tissue Viewing

Bradley Mattes   |   May 14, 2020

Jane Hassinger, a pro-abortion psychoanalyst recently wrote a commentary saying abortionists would actually help their clients if they would talk about the unborn baby—but use the term fetus.  She laments that pro-lifers have the winning edge when it comes to talking about the victims of abortion.  Hassinger claims women who have abortions aren’t traumatized or depressed.  That, she says, is only the result of “anti-abortion rhetoric.”  Then she advocates something well beyond talking about the baby.  She calls it “patient-centered tissue viewing,” showing the mother the body parts of her unborn child.  Widespread use of this technique she says will increase “emotional resilience” for abortion clients and abortionists.  It sounds more like desperation to me.

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