Not every little girl has a song written for her while still in the womb!  Country singer Brett Young’s inspiration came after hearing his daughter’s heartbeat at just eight weeks during an ultrasound, which now plays in the song’s background.  By the way, eight weeks is when most chemical abortion procedures are done.  The song is a message to his daughter about his wife.  The lyrics encourage his unborn baby to watch her mother to learn “how to be a lady.”  The song called Lady takes a stand for life without embroiling Brett in the controversy over abortion.  Often, music conveys a message the spoken or written word cannot.  Visit and click on the microphone icon for a link to this beautiful musical tribute to life and love.

click here to listen to the song.

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  1. What are the names of the companies who are using aborted baby parts to manufacture Covid19 vaccines.
    Can’t find the list on your website

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