Dan Lipinski a Hero

Pro-life Democrat Congressman Dan Lipinski of Illinois was defeated in his primary after huge spending by the abortion lobby because of his strong pro-life views.  He’s been shunned by colleagues and others in his own party because of it.  In a statement this pro-life hero said he’s watched other Democrats succumb to immense pressure from the abortion lobby and party leadership to change their position on abortion, but Dan said he wouldn’t abandon the babies based not only on his faith, but because science shows life begins at fertilization.  This warrior has gallantly fought the battle on behalf of the babies and their mothers.  Congressman Lipinski said, “To stand in solidarity with the vulnerable is to become vulnerable.  But there is no higher calling for anyone.”

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One thought on “Dan Lipinski a Hero

  1. This idea of shunning people who believe in life and are anti-abortion is total speech and idea censorship! Thank you Congressman Lipinski, you are a man of honor.

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