Genetic Editing Hypocrosy


Genetic Editing Hypocrosy

Bradley Mattes   |   January 16, 2020

Recent headlines noted that three Chinese scientists went to jail for genetically modifying human embryos and implanting them in women.  The article said scientists around the world expressed outrage – but their outrage is hollow and hypocrisy.  Researchers are right to be upset about the Chinese scientists, but what they aren’t telling you is they support such experimentation on human embryos in the lab, as long as you don’t let them live.  The National Academies of Science is working on regulation, but not to decide if it’s ethical.  Their goal is to be in charge of how and when it’s done, not addressing whether it should it be done.  Pro-lifers aren’t opposed to gene editing on born individuals to treat disease, but we draw the line on human embryos.

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