A Reason for Hope

ve8QAd   |   January 23, 2020

The devastating diagnosis came in one breath, and the “solution” in the next – presented matter-of-factly as if there could be no other alternative.

In Shauna Amick’s case, and in countless other scenarios every day in America, medical professionals speak from ignorance or are pushing a eugenics agenda.

Over two-thirds of parents who are told that their unborn baby has Down syndrome opt for abortion. Often after repeated recommendations or pressure from physicians and other medical staff.

A new video by Life Issues Institute, A Reason for Hope, The Truth About Down Syndrome, does more than reveal this tragedy, it introduces you to some of those directly involved in working to save the lives of babies targeted by abortion simply because of their condition. I am honored to be the host and executive producer of this video project.

It highlights the joy and beauty exuded by those with Down syndrome, and the blessings they bring to all those around them. In addition, A Reason for Hope advocates for the same legal protection and respect that any other human being enjoys, and encourages other states to follow Utah’s example of protecting them legislatively.

Just as importantly, the video (also in a radio format) replaces fear with hope, and exposes the biased and outdated ideas about Down syndrome. Expectant and new parents are connected with mentors who can help walk them through an uncertain time and open their eyes to the realization that blessings far outweigh the challenges.

A Reason for Hope, The Truth About Down Syndrome is a powerful tool to counter the extremism of the abortion industry that preys upon individuals with disabilities, which at its core advocates modern-day eugenics.

Shauna Amick is the mother of three children, Sarah, her youngest, has Down syndrome. She shares her first-hand experience of what it’s like to be pressured to abort her “less-than-perfect” child. Shauna also gives viewers insight regarding the normal fear and grief parents often feel after getting the diagnosis, and are in a state of vulnerability often exploited by medical professionals.

Katie Shaw, a born and raised Hoosier from Indianapolis said she and others with Down syndrome should be loved and respected just like any other person. “We should celebrate every life!” she declares in the video. You will also hear the message she had for President Trump in the Oval Office, and you’ll learn how she lobbied for legislation in her home state to protect unborn babies diagnosed with a disability.

Utah State Representative, Karianne Lisonbee was the force behind writing and enacting into law a legislative bill that protects unborn children with Down syndrome. Some of the opposition she experienced both shocked the legislator and made her more determined to succeed.

Attorney Amanda Stirone weighs in with a legal perspective and explains why the recent writings of US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas bodes well for the future of legislation ending abortion that targets these remarkable individuals.

All of my guests voiced enthusiasm for federal legislation introduced by Congressman Ron Estes from Kansas. The bill has a growing number of cosponsors and was introduced in the US Senate by James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

A Reason for Hope, The Truth About Down Syndrome will educate, motivate and mentor those touched by individuals with the condition.

That’s nearly all of us.

Sincerely for LIFE,

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