Motivation for Impeachment

The impeachment proceedings of President Trump have been consuming lots of oxygen in the media realm.  Whether or not there’s any evidence to warrant this action is highly debated.  I can speak to the likely motivation of one of their star witnesses, Pamela Karlan, most known for her inappropriate remark about the president’s teenage son.  Karlan comes from a hard-core, pro-abortion mindset.  She teamed up with Roe attorney Sarah Weddington on a brief supporting Planned Parenthood’s Supreme Court case.  Karlan has also signed onto a brief supporting the abortion industry in the upcoming Louisiana Supreme Court case.  What’s motivating Pamela Karlan and others is President Trump’s pro-life passion and credentials.  Please pray for him.

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One thought on “Motivation for Impeachment

  1. Thanks for that clarification, Brad. I wondered why she is so angry. It was very clear that she is a troubled person and I have to say I felt embarrassed for her behavior. I guessed she might have an abortion in her past. She acts like one who cannot face dealing with something in her past and it is very clear she doesn’t understand God’s Mercy and Love. If only she knew! I’m sorry for her…will pray for her and for our amazing President.

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