A Stormy Departure


A Stormy Departure

Bradley Mattes   |   September 23, 2019

Headlines were made this summer when Planned Parenthood fired its new president, Leana Wen, for her lack of political extremism on abortion.  But the controversy is far from over because Wen isn’t going quietly into the night.  She’s accusing the abortion giant of holding her health insurance and severance pay ransom as an incentive to sign a permanent confidentiality agreement.  Wen says they’re trying to gag her from divulging any of their dirty little secrets.  And if anybody’s able to do that, it’d be a former president of the organization that’s been caught selling aborted baby body parts and cheating Medicaid while reaping in our tax dollars.  On a happier note, Wen announced in the middle of all this chaos that she’s pregnant with child number two.

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