Politics Behind Leana Wen’s Firing

ve8QAd   |   July 18, 2019

Tuesday’s announcement that Planned Parenthood fired their new president didn’t come as a surprise to close observers of this abortion conglomerate.

Dr. Leana Wen

Leana Wen’s association with Planned Parenthood was doomed from the start.

From the beginning, several questioned why a respected doctor from the Baltimore Department of Health would attach her name and reputation to the largest chain of abortion centers in America. Of course, we understood why Planned Parenthood chose her. They wanted to hide behind the respectability of the medical profession by having the first medical doctor lead the organization in over 50 years.

Wen’s motivation for taking the job appeared to be evident in her written statement after her termination. She expressed a naïve goal to refocus the organization on ensuring that abortion “is not a political issue but a health care one…” Wen’s staff even orchestrated a media campaign announcing her new title, emphasizing that abortion is healthcare.

Planned Parenthood’s leadership enjoyed the image a physician would portray, but it had no intention of changing course. Wen’s crime was that she had set goals at odds with Planned Parenthood’s chief mission—to wield raw political power to ensure ongoing abortion on demand throughout America.

Leana Wen had to go.

To ensure a political focus, she will be temporarily replaced by Alexis McGill Johnson, a political operative and former board member.

Wen learned of her dismissal shortly before a public announcement. She tweeted that she had been fired after a “secret meeting,” and the powers that be took little time in demonizing its former president.

A BuzzFeed article of the same day laid the groundwork by quoting unnamed sources who criticized Wen of bringing in an entire “system of insanity,” disregarding board directives, and making factually inaccurate statements. Not to be confused with Cecile Richard’s false (and supported) statements that the organization provided mammograms.

David Daleiden, Karen Handel

If one doubts Planned Parenthood’s ability to demonize it opponents, recall David Daleiden, whose undercover videos revealed that the group sold body parts of aborted babies. Or Karen Handel, Susan G Komen’s vice president for public policy, who resigned in the aftermath of their decision to defund Planned Parenthood and wrote a book about the experience entitled Planned Bullyhood. Earlier, when AT&T made a similar decision, Planned Parenthood accused that company of “corporate cowardice.”

It’s easy to understand that Planned Parenthood’s board of directors would feel frustrated by the numerous unfriendly turn of events this past year.  For example, various states have passed substantial protections for their states’ unborn babies and mothers, and President Trump is doing all within his ability to turn back the tide of abortion in America. Perhaps the last straw for Planned Parenthood’s leadership was the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has in the past sided with their abortion agenda. The ruling allowed President Trump’s Protect Life Rule to be implemented immediately, impacting federal tax funding.

History is repeating. Planned Parenthood’s board made an almost identical decision in 1995 when their new president, Pamela Maraldo, a former top executive of the National League for Nursing, had similar goals to Wen. She too had to go.

Planned Parenthood’s actions once again prove they are nothing more than a chain of abortion facilities, and that they will focus on maintaining political muscle to keep it that way.

Sincerely for LIFE,

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