Bold Alaska Governor


Bold Alaska Governor

Bradley Mattes   |   July 15, 2019

The governor of Alaska is both brilliant and bold.  The state supreme court recently reaffirmed its stand that Alaskans must be forced to fund abortion.  Pro-life Governor Mike Dunleavy was appalled and took action.  Using a line-item veto, he reduced the budget amount for the Alaska Supreme Court by the exact amount the state’s citizens were forced to pay for abortions last year.  This was well over three-hundred thousand dollars.  It’s not a long-term fix, but it sends a strong message to these activist judges who insist on legislating from the bench.  Both the governor and state legislature oppose using tax dollars to fund abortion.  Now the Court needs to let them do their jobs and not try to run the state.  Thank you, Governor Dunleavy.

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