Worst Bridezilla Ever

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Worst Bridezilla Ever

Bradley Mattes   |   April 15, 2019

Most of us are familiar with the term “bridezilla,” but this bride wins the title hands-down.  A year before the wedding, one of the bridesmaids told her that she was pregnant and over the moon happy about it.  Bridezilla’s response to the expectant mom was that getting fitted for a dress would be an issue and reminded her the wedding was “child-free.”  Bridezilla’s next remark sent a chill up the woman’s spine.  “So, don’t you think it might be better for you to have an abortion?”  She even called the woman’s mom, asking her to encourage she get an abortion.  The pair no longer speak.  And the irony is the replacement bridesmaid was a future sister-in-law who was eight months pregnant!  Maybe this was a message to the bride from God.

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