Unplanned, the Movie

Abby Johnson worked at a Texas Planned Parenthood abortion center for eight years.  During that time, she rose to the rank of director.  Abby never questioned abortion until she assisted with one by holding the sonogram bar on the woman’s abdomen during the procedure.  What she saw horrified this strong-willed abortion advocate.  She has since founded the organization called And Then There Were None which helps transition abortion staff out of the killing industry and into legitimate jobs.  So far, they’ve helped nearly five hundred staff.  Abby’s story of her pro-life conversion is documented in a full-length movie called Unplanned which hits theaters this Friday.  This not-for-children movie is worth seeing.  You’ll never view abortion in the same way again.

Brad interviewed Abby Johnson weeks after she left the abortion industry. Abby shares compelling information during the two-part television program, Facing Life Head-On.



Abby’s TV interview was reformatted into a half-hour radio special, A Change of Heart.


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