Wackiness from Hollywood


Wackiness from Hollywood

Bradley Mattes   |   November 06, 2018

We hear a lot of wacky comments from Hollywood, which is no surprise.  But once in a while they’re worth mentioning.  Actress Laura Gomez was at a campaign rally for a pro-abortion candidate and said, “Being a woman is a political act in itself.  You are born an activist.”  By this she means pro-abortion activist.  I expect there are a lot of women listening who take offense to this, and the Bible backs you up.  Women, and men, were created in God’s image.  That is, eternal beings, designed to spend eternity with Him.  And it’s God’s will that we cherish every human life as someone our Creator desperately loves and has a plan for.  This appears to be something most of Hollywood has yet to figure out.  Let’s pray for them.

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