Two Chinese Immigrants

Much attention has been given to Planned Parenthood’s new president, Leana Wen, an immigrant from China.  Lisa Smiley, another woman immigrant from China, had a message for Wen.  Lisa was one of five girls, and because of forced abortion there, her mother risked her life and had to go into hiding to give birth in secret.  Because Lisa could have been one of millions aborted, she knows what’s at stake.  She reminded Wen how ironic it is Planned Parenthood does the same thing to America’s children that the Chinese government does to theirs – brutally kill them by abortion.  Planned Parenthood aborts 900 every day.  Even so, the government funds them and the media lauds them.  But Lisa believes her job as a mother is to protect her children.

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One thought on “Two Chinese Immigrants

  1. Wow! Powerful testimony! I pray Leana Wen heard the message and will turn from the blindness she is absorbed in! How I wish the world could hear what Lisa has to say! If some of the major newspapers would just carry this!! I hope it’s been sent to the editors of every single newspaper…maybe one of them would have the courage to print it!

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