None of it was True


None of it was True

Bradley Mattes   |   November 20, 2018

Misty Boyd’s spina bifida became known when she was born.  It’s the exposure of the spinal cord which usually affects leg mobility.  The doctor apologized, saying had he known in advance, he could’ve “done something.”  He told Misty’s parents her condition was incompatible with life, that she’d never walk, talk, feed herself or be independent in any way.  He recommended killing her by withholding feeding and treatment.  Misty got married, she has a successful writing career and is very happy.  None of what the doctor predicted came true.  That was 1983, and Misty is heartsick the same false information is given to parents, so 64 percent of babies like her, if diagnosed in the womb, are aborted.  Misty, please keep telling people the truth.

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