Euthanasia on Minors Without Parental Involvement


Euthanasia on Minors Without Parental Involvement

Bradley Mattes   |   November 16, 2018

European countries that legalized euthanasia first stipulated the patients must be terminally ill.  But most have expanded their protections to include other segments of society, and Canada’s following suit.  Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children announced its plan to euthanize terminally ill children with or without parental consent.  If the child requested confidentiality, the family would not be notified until after the minor was dead.  Imagine the subtle or not-so-subtle pressure an isolated teen may undergo to opt for euthanasia.  Once instituted, it won’t likely be long before the “terminal” requirement is abandoned.  Don’t be fooled by the gentle-sounding words like physician assisted suicide.  It’s just another way of man playing God with human life.

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