Chelsea Clinton on Abortion

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, is on a Rise Up for Roe tour to promote the court ruling that allowed abortion on demand throughout pregnancy.  She claims abortion’s been good for the economy because women who had them have entered the labor force and added to our economy.  She should consider the 60 million aborted babies who won’t enter the labor force or pay into Social Security.  Their parents won’t purchase diapers, clothing, toys, cars or houses to accommodate them.  Schools and universities have far fewer enrollees.  Yes, abortion’s had a huge impact on America’s economy and it hasn’t been good.  Not only are we hurting economically, we’re missing 60 million blessings from God and the good they would have contributed.

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One thought on “Chelsea Clinton on Abortion

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    Chelsea, the founder of your childhood church, John Wesley, preached about being born again (based on the teaching of Jesus to Nicodemus) in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven.
    Question for you, since you like critical thinking.
    How can a person experience this 2nd birth if he/she is terminated from having a first birth?

    Life does not begin with conception but after a baby has exited the birth canal?
    Think. If there is “no life” there in the womb, there is no need for an abortion, right?

    You need also to go much deeper than you are in examining all the ramifications of abortion. Good for the economy? Providers? Women who can then go to work?
    Do you know how much psychologists/psychiatrists are also earning who deal with the PTSD like aftermath?

    Do you know how such women, acting out for years, affect their nuclear families and others who are forever reacting to the acting out?

    You have been blinded by “the god of this world” and need to break the cycle and the myths taught to you at home.

    You, too, need to be born again and get the perspective of God who said via Jeremiah

    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…”(1.5).

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