Hiding Behind Health Care

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Hiding Behind Health Care

Bradley Mattes   |   July 23, 2018

Congressional Democrats held a secret closed-door meeting recently where some members advocated a relentless push for abortion on demand with their campaigns and opposition to Brett Kavanaugh.  The meeting was described as a “lively debate” since many members know promoting abortion isn’t helpful to re-election.  Celinda Lake, a Democrat pollster, urged the politicians to follow Planned Parenthood’s favorite line.  “For the last ten years,” she said, the abortion giant has been cloaking abortion “in the context of health care.”  So, don’t expect to hear them talk about the a-word.  They’ll instead refer to it as “reproductive health care” or just “health care.”  As you see this playing out in the media, be quick to tell those you know it’s just more propaganda from the swamp.

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