Eminem Sings of Past Abortion

Eminem is a noted rapper with a fast-lane reputation.  His new album called Revival was hailed by the media as an anti-Trump diatribe.  But what they failed to mention was the song called River.  It’s a surprisingly transparent confession of a past abortion—including explicit language.  In the song, Eminem confesses an affair, an abortion and the regret. Part of the lyrics include “I made you terminate my baby,” and that the abortion was “detergent and bleach…burnin’ the wound.”  The rapper adds “I really wouldda loved her smile.”  Eminem isn’t the first celebrity to sing of a regretted past abortion, and he probably won’t be the last.  As millions of mothers and fathers can attest, abortion is irrevocable.  But many have found there’s forgiveness through Christ.

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