Pro-Life Clinics Helping Women

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Pro-Life Clinics Helping Women

Bradley Mattes   |   November 10, 2017

Those who advocate for abortion often call pro-life women help clinics “fake clinics” which is blatantly untrue.  Recently, pro-abortion activists coordinated an online and in-person attack on the twenty-six-hundred pro-life centers that save an unborn baby from abortion every two minutes in America.  During the pro-abortion assault, a man with his son spoke to a group outside one of the clinics.  He challenged protestors to look at his son, whose life was spared at the facility.  The father said, “He’s here right now—look at him.”  Other women came forward; one saying a clinic “empowered” her to make her own decision for life.  Another said she “felt so loved, comfortable and welcome” at the center.  Abortion advocates should welcome, not attack, pro-life clinics who offer women these free, critical services.

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