The Reason Doesn’t Matter

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The Reason Doesn’t Matter

Bradley Mattes   |   July 12, 2017

Many women struggle with the choice whether or not to abort her unborn baby, but not all of them. Gail, in her mid-20s, says it was an easy decision because she had no intention of staying home with a child – children make her nervous. Her boyfriend was an unemployed student and they have plans for travel, sailing and building a sailboat. Well, if he’s unemployed, how will they manage all that luxury entertainment? Some women like Gail are simply selfish and just looking out for themselves. But even if the mother is facing dire financial or social situations, killing her baby isn’t the answer. A baby’s life is at stake regardless of the circumstances. There’s no problem that can’t be handled with love and support, and abortion shouldn’t be an option.

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