Abortion is not Negotiable

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Abortion is not Negotiable

Bradley Mattes   |   May 02, 2017

Democrat Party chairman, Tom Perez, recently declared all of their political candidates must now be pro-abortion.  Abortion, he said, “is not negotiable.”  A big stink erupted when Democrat leaders supported Heath Mello, a pro-life candidate for mayor in Omaha.  Radical pro-abortion activists in the party pitched a fit and Perez is now working with women leaders to ensure all Democrat candidates support the killing of innocent unborn babies.  Mello, by the way, caved into party thuggery and flipped to a pro-abortion position.  Bernie Saunders and Nancy Pelosi actually said this action was too much.  Even they realize their party is shrinking as voters flee to pro-life candidates.  The pro-life tent is big.  All political parties are welcome to help save the babies.


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Tell Congress what you think about new health care bill that could end funding for abortion and Planned Parenthood. We have your representatives’ contact info here.

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