Abortionist Maims Two More Women

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Abortionist Maims Two More Women

Bradley Mattes   |   March 09, 2017

More women have been maimed by legal abortion and there’s a deafening silence from feminists.  Within an hour of each other, abortionist Donald Willis botched two abortions earlier this month.  This makes four botched abortions from him in just three months.  The abortionist has a history of mental disorders, was limited to work in Oregon only while under supervision and surrendered his medical license in Alaska.  He’s now doing abortions in California without any restrictions, even as the number of his victims increases.  If this guy was doing any other procedure, there’d be an investigation, but because it’s abortion, he continues to hurt women.  And pro-abortion activists who claim to be concerned about women’s health have remained silent.  This is the face of legal abortion.

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