Don’t Euthanize Me

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Don’t Euthanize Me

Bradley Mattes   |   January 19, 2017

Last year Canada passed a sweeping law legalizing euthanasia, and one Canadian grandmother took an extra step to ensure she’s not one of its growing number of victims.  Christine Nagel went to a tattoo parlor and had the words “Don’t euthanize me” etched into her upper arm.  Christine who’s a practicing Christian opposes euthanasia and wants to live until God’s ready to take her.  Euthanasia is also a concern in America.  Oregon patients Barbara Wagner and Randy Stroup suffer from cancer and their doctors recommended treatment, but the State Health Plan denied their request.  But they reminded them of the option of suicide by drugs, which would be much less expensive.  All the while laws are quietly being put into place that take away a patient’s right to treatment.

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