Speak Out Against Foolishness

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Speak Out Against Foolishness

Bradley Mattes   |   January 05, 2017

I’ve learned many with the title “bioethicist” have no ethics at all. Two of them, one from Queens University and another from Oxford have pompously declared that doctors should have no right to conscientious objection. They published an article stating the doctors must perform abortion and euthanasia, whether or not they object. They wrote, “If it means dropping out of the profession, so be it. There’s an oversupply of people wishing to be doctors.” In fact, according to them, medical schools should weed out those with real ethics. You may dismiss these comments as foolish. But the ideas of abortion-on-demand and homosexual marriage started with academics like these. Now they’re reality. For the sake of future generations we must speak out against the injustice of killing innocent human life.

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