Prayer Vigil for Life

There’s an important pro-life event coming up and I’d like you to join us.  October fifteenth we’ll be holding a nationwide, prayerful presence at Planned Parenthood abortion mills.  It’s not a protest but instead is a time pf solemn prayers at America’s largest chain of abortion facilities.  We’d like to see people of all faiths be a living, breathing witness against abortion—and more importantly, for LIFE.  You still have time to organize an event in your community or join the efforts of others.  Please visit our website at life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon.  You’ll find all the details you need to stand for life while praying for all those involved—particularly the women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy who desperately need to know God’s will.

Please join our nationwide effort to be living, breathing witnesses for LIFE at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities. It’s easy to get involved. Just visit this website and you’re on your way to defending the most vulnerable citizens among us—unborn babies.

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