A Key to the Violence

ve8QAd   |   September 28, 2016

black-riot-2We’ve all been shaken by the questioned shootings of Black men and the retaliation of riots, mayhem and murders of policemen. Many of us are asking, “How did we get to this point?”

Fifth-grade Tulsa, Oklahoma teacher, Rebecca Lee, recently posted her experience of discussions with her students, which went viral. One of the school’s students was the daughter of Terence Crutcher, shot by police officer Betty Shelby.

In her post, Ms. Lee voiced some thought-provoking questions on behalf of students of color: “Do I matter? Am I to be feared? Should I live in fear? Am I human?”

I believe these questions are a key to getting to the root-cause of society’s struggle to respect and cherish innocent human life.

Ms. Lee, you and I agree that the violence is appalling. What we may differ on is one of the reasons we got here.

Specifically, you should ask Planned Parenthood “Do I matter? Am I human?” because 79% of their surgical abortion facilities are in neighborhoods with high populations of women of color. The research is undeniable. Why does this giant of the abortion industry intentionally target Blacks and Latinos for abortion? Don’t they matter? Aren’t they human?

You might ask the same questions of your teacher’s union. A resolution from 2013-2014 supports “reproductive freedom,” code words for abortion on demand.

How can a three-million-member strong union cultivate a respect for human life on the streets when it takes an aggressive stance supporting the intentional killing of innocent preborn children for any reason throughout pregnancy? Why do they support abortion when it targets babies of color?

Why does the NEA endorse political candidates who enthusiastically espouse support for abortion on demand that disproportionately affects people of color? Don’t they matter? Aren’t they human?

crawling-babyMs. Lee, for over four decades we’ve lived in a society that celebrates abortion while refusing to acknowledge what it does not only to the babies and their parents—but the cancerous affect it inflicts on our nation’s reverence for all lives that matter.

A lack of respect for human life before birth won’t miraculously end upon the delivery of the child. The views that make them “undesirable” in the womb don’t vanish if they manage to evade the abortionist’s brutal trade.

We must ask ourselves, does every human life—born or unborn—matter? Aren’t they human?

Unless we can answer with a resounding “Yes!” we will fail future generations.

There are many reasons for the upheaval in society today, and Ms. Lee, I share your deep concern and anguish over this tragic loss of life. But if we are to regain peace in our streets, in our homes and in our schools, we must first regain peace within the womb.

It’s the most basic place to begin.

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